Thoughts on Abundance (and Other Things)

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Thoughts on Abundance (and Other Things

Merriam-Webster on abundance: “an ample quantity; relative degree of plentifulness.”  In Scripture, “Abundance” is mentioned seventy-eight times (NRSV).  God is a God of abundance: “They asked, and he brought quails, and gave them food from heaven in abundance” (Psalm 105:40).  On the Sundays of November, we will have an opportunity to share from our personal abundance, gathering material items, in baskets, for FCDC.  Watch the Compass for a list of items to bring each week.  Finally, to recognize God’s bountiful material and relational provisions, we will conclude the month of abundance with a church dinner on November 27. 

During the month of October (Pastor’s Month), there were surprises in my church mailbox and outside my office door.  Thank you to everyone who offered expressions of appreciation to Idella and me.  Grace reveals itself in your support of NM pastors. 

We committed to having Church Conversation on the first Sunday of each month, during Sunday School.  Since Sunday School classes have met so sporadically in the last weeks, Corben and I decided to move the next dialogue from November 6 to 13, permitting classes to convene two consecutive weeks.  So, don’t forget to bring all your Purple Papers in two weeks, as we continue to discuss who we are and where we’re going. 

When I entered ministry in 1990, I gave no thought to grandchildren and especially not to baptizing them.  So it was a unique and unexpected privilege to lead grandson Caleb Chupp in a prolonged series of baptism classes and then baptize him last Sunday at his Grandma Pittman’s farm.  Thanks to all of you who have nurtured Caleb from birth and to those who attended his baptism.  Your fingerprints are all over his developing faith.  You have positively influenced his views of Jesus. 

At our Church Conversation on October 16, a comment like this was made:  “So we’re a warm, welcoming and accepting congregation.  What does that mean?  What comes after that?”  In addition, the question of discipleship was raised: “How is that happening?”  I have said that we are a “Sunday morning congregation.”  Are the above questions and our Sunday morning focus related?  If so, how?

Ruben Chupp 

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